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In a cover story for this month’s issue of GQ, Channing Tatum revealed the origin and central plots of the upcoming Magic Mike sequel, Magic Mike XXL.

From the article:

“When Tatum first started sharing his idea for a movie about his stripping past, there was one story he focused on. It was about going to a strippers' convention—thousands of women in a convention hall with one big stage on which maybe a hundred strippers appear. In fact, says Reid Carolin, Tatum's friend and producing partner who wrote the actual script, that was the first thing Tatum told him about those days: ‘I want to do the story of when I'm in a dark U-Haul with a bunch of these guys and we're doing drugs driving up to the stripper convention.' [Steven] Soderbergh says he steered them away from it, telling them, ‘You know what? It's too big—that idea alone is a movie.’

Now it is a movie that they are going to make, as a sequel to the first. Rumored to be called Magic Mike XXL, it'll be an on-the-road adventure, inspired by the two strippers' conventions Tatum attended. ‘We cut out so much stuff that was just really juicy fun things to happen in a movie that you haven't seen before,’ he says. One of the conventions he attended was in Raleigh, North Carolina. They went en masse in his buddy's van and danced for 3000 women. ‘The women would come from miles and miles around,’ he recalls. ‘Then you lock the doors and you say all bets are off. It gets zany and crazy, and it's a wild ride. It's an incubator for insanity. It doesn't matter almost what you do onstage. I don't want to put anything in black and white on a page, but if you've been to one, you know how crazy it gets, and now pour kerosene on that. You've seen Magic Mike—now multiply that. Mob mentality. It's just exponentially crazier. I thought it was absolutely insane.'”

So there you have it, straight from the star’s mouth. Or G-string, or whatever.

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