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Whomever Jenny is, she must be stoked to be married to this guy. Joe Michalczuk, a Sky News entertainment reporter and film critic, took advantage of his press junket opportunities by having each celebrity he got on camera to congratulate his new wife on their wedding. It's the kind of sweet, sappy video that makes you feel like you know nothing about romance. 

The celebrities include, but are not limited to, Hugh Jackman, Emma StoneScarlett Johansson, Chris Evans, Zac Efron, Kate Upton, Anne Hathaway (who added her own Les Mis twist), Samuel L. Jackson, and Miss Piggy. Kate Winslet even reenacted a Titanic scene for Michalczuk's new wife, while Arnold Schwarzenegger quickly sent his regards despite the obvious publicist protests in the background.

Here's to Jenny and Joe. May your marriage be a million times more awesome than this video.

[via Joe Michalczuk's YouTube Channel]

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