As the 2014 NFL Draft continues, Complex had the chance to sit down with Carolina Panthers' quarterback and Madden super fan, Cam Newton.

This year's NFL Draft marks the first time that EA and Maddedn will make the entire first round of 32 newly drafted players available in Madden Ultimate Team Mode. Ultimate Team Mode is one of the most popular features in the Madden series, and Cam Newton is a self-avowed dream team creator. 

Newton took the time to talk about his choices for his own Ultimate Team and his predictions for the 2014 NFL Draft. 

How did you first get involved with Madden's Ultimate Team Mode? Have you always been a fan? 
Ever since I was affiliated with the game, you know, I’ve always been a fan of just collecting different cards, and, you know, seeing how many times or how others pass players was rated. You know, collecting guys like the Vicks, the Marshall Faulk guys who've already been in the game. Drew Brees. As well as the Jerry Rices, Joe Montanas, Troy Aikmans, with thoseguys. You gotta first play, win a lot of points to get Jerry Rice and the greats and Joe Namath andthose guys. But that’s the challenge of playing the game.

And you’re roughly the same age as the franchise, right?
Right, right.

How influential—are you, are you the kinda guy who’s picking up the fresh copy every year? Is this a big part of your life as far as competition?
Oh, absolutely, absolutely. I have—I remember very vividly when I was—I remember one year I snuck out the house to try to get it. This was actually one of the first couple years that they was doing the midnight launch.

So PS2? PS3?
PS2. And when I was stay—we’d let our parents go to sleep and my brother was older than me so he was into video games as well. And I looked forward to having somewhat of a head start. And leading up to the days before, you know, they always have that commercial blasting through the airways ‘til it drops. Usually that’s typically in August.

And it was—just to have the game, and find teams that you know are, “I’m gonna play as this team, I’m gonna play with that team,” it’s just been a competitive thing.

Totally. And going back to the cards that you’ve collected, who’s on your unstoppable, your ultimate team?
Well, it just depends on what year. At the end of the day, I really usually have the same team. I will have Jerry Rice as a receiver. I will have Megatron as a receiver. Of course, you already know who the quarterback will be. I have Vick and those guys. My running back would have to be Barry Sanders and Emmitt Smith. Even though they’re kinda cheating with speed, though. I’m a speed guy, so CJ2K, Chris Johnson, my running back. And defensively I will have Prime Time on one side of the corner and Darrelle Revis on the other side.

All smart choices.

As far as the upcoming draft, who do you have your eye on, who do you think from the 2014 Draft is gonna be, you know, will be a hot ticket item as far as being drafted on the Ultimate team?
I really think Jadeveon Clowney. With him being such a freakishly talented athlete, he may have some things that no other person may have. Not only with the Ultimate Team, but just in regular exhibition mode. If he goes to the Houston Texans as he is projected on a lot of boards to go first overall, JJ Watt and him were not gonna bring ease to their opponents.

As well as the talent level of Sammy Watkins. He was a very explosive player coming out of college and I’m curious to see what his ratings will be.

There are numerous guys across the board that may have that big play potential in college but will it translate, even in the league or in EA Sports in Madden?

What do you attribute that to, the sort of disconnect between college and pro?
Well really, early, I think something that’s cool that Madden does is update their rosters on a weekly basis, especially when the season starts. It’s kinda a lot of unknowns, so to speak. It’s gonna be shocking for some to see their ratings and—and shocking to others as well just to see their name on the game. But we all know we’re in a society of “what have you done for me lately?” so to speak, so to really prove your worth is— you really think you’re better than a 72? Then you’re gonna have to make plays on week 1, not per se preseason,but the actual season.

Any guesses as to who’s gonna be the cover athlete for this year’s Madden?
I have no clue, sir. I wish I could tell you I have a lot of suspicions, but who knows? When it’s a survey or when people are picking and have different rank formulas, you know you never know.

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