Bees in the trap? More like bees chillin’ in Cleopatra’s vibrator. Apparently, the Egyptian queen, revered and plundered by many men, had a vibrator circa 54 B.C. that was basically an empty gourd full of bees. There is no physical evidence of this sweet sex toy, but Cleopatra was known as a sex fiend. It's important to note that she died from the bite of an asp, and snakes were also once used as makeshift vibrators as well. Obviously, vibrators have evolved over the centuries. There was the Victorian hand-crank of the 1890s, a steam-powered contraption named “The Manipulator” made by an American doctor, another steam-powered one named the Chattanooga that was so powerful two men had to operate it. There was also an electromechanical vibrator made first by Dr. Granville to help with Victorian "hysteria." They were sold to women in catalogs like Sears as “blood stimulators” and more. All these would have made Cleopatra and her bees blush.