To paraphrase Dr. Ian Malcolm, “I'm simply saying that life finds a way.” Then again, he was a fictional character in a Spielberg movie. Put simply: Things aren’t going so well for earth's animals. As humanity continues to spread we’re destroying our planet’s ability to sustain life—and we’re doing so at an incredible rate. According to the World Wildlife Foundation, humans result in the deaths of between .01 and .1 percent of all living things each year—and many of those are species we haven’t even identified yet. That’s right: We’re so good at killing that we don’t even know who or what we’re killing anymore.

But even as our species takes its toll on biodiversity, there are occasional respites to the bloodshed. In fact, some creatures not only survive when humans post-up in their territory, but thrive. Such animals could even be seen as a glimmer of hope for a future not (entirely) ravaged by humanity’s presence. Then again, most of these species are encroaching on their own lost territory, many are invasive, and some are downright dangerous to humans. But at least they're surviving, right? 

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