SPOILER ALERT: The seventh season of Mad Men began earlier tonight, and much like last season's premiere, a beloved TV actress from the days of yore made an appearance. Neve Campbell, of Party of Five, made a pass at Don Draper during a plane ride from Los Angeles to New York in tonight's episode, "Time Zones."

Campbell is '90s royalty. You can connect her to many classic tentpoles of the decade, including the teen drama, the erotic thriller, and witchcraft. 

Which is to say, you might recall Campbell making out with Denise Richards in Wild Things (1998). 

Or when she starred in the first feature-length Hot Topic advertisement, The Craft (1996).

There's no way of knowing if Campbell's character will make more appearances on Mad Men this season. This could be like the Drew Barrymore cameo in Scream (which, coincidentally, starred Neve Campbell). But smart money is on her sticking around.

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