A man who tried to rob a Maryland hair salon this week got clowned hard, then arrested. 

CBS Baltimore reports that 29-year-old Ryan Michael Trembly strolled into Bubbles Hair Salon in Annapolis, Md. on Wednesday evening with his hand under his shirt, like he had a gun. He ordered the receptionist to give him the money in the register, to which she responded with laughter. When he repeated his threat, she continued to laugh. 

Trembly tried to play his failure off by making small talk with her, then left. The receptionist last saw him enter another building before being picked up in a white Nissan. The woman contacted police, and other witnesses were able to provide a description that led to Trembly being arrested at his mother's home and charged with attempted robbery and theft less of than $1,000.

[via Gawker and CBS Baltimore]

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