When you mention parody films, there's not many other names that come to mind besides Marlon Wayans. Serving as writer and star of the new film A Haunted House 2, the Wayans brother has managed to top the original and push the story along for a whole new set of laughs. If you caught the first installment then you know that that's not an easy task by any means. 

In our sitdown with the him, we spoke about his hilarious new horror spoof. We also chopped it up with Marlon about some of his more dramatic roles working with Darren Aronofsky on Requiem For A Dream and acting alongside Tupac in Above The Rim. "Pac was a lot of fun. He was a really hard worker. That's what stuck with me, how much he got done," says Marlon. Lastly, we asked Marlon which comedians he has in his 'comedy Mt. Rushmore' (excluding his family, of course). Peep the interview above and make sure to check out A Haunted House 2, in theatres everywhere on April 18th.

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