After much back-and-forth and concern over the Sriracha supply hanging in the balance, a California city has decided that the factory that produces the hot sauce is a nuisance to the public due to the odor it produces. 

Yesterday, Irwindale's City Council reached the decision, which came after the city sued the Huy Fong Foods plant last fall amidst allegations that it had manufactured a public hazard and violated its agreement with the city. Now, the factory has 90 days to address the offensive odor, which has resulted in complaints about burning eyes, nosebleeds, intensified asthma and heartburn. 

The upside for the plant (and Sriracha lovers) is that Huy Fong Foods' attorney John Tate remains supremely confident that he will have a stench-stopping plan for city council in 10 days. He also told the Associated Press that this decision is city council essentially extending a large middle finger to the plant, saying "the city flexing its muscle and thumbing Huy Fong in the eye."

Let city council tell it, it's an eye for a tear-filled, burning eye.

[via Gawker and Associated Press]

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