Need more crazy climbing action in your life? Then MonkeyPaw Games' latest import PSN job Hyper Crazy Climber may be just what you're looking for, particularly if you live in in an urban area where such real-life activities are widely discouraged.

You probably guessed from the name but theis 1996 PlayStation One game is all about climbing. Meanwhile you have to face down a bunch of obstacles like this set of California Raisins-esque lips attached to a weird plants, the lack of which one supposes would be a real life if attempted in real life. (Note: do not attempt climbing things to infinity in real life.)

At any rate, like just about all the import PSN selections (save Rockman), the game looks appropriately bizarre. It's out on the PS3 (with Vita cross-buy) April 15 for $6.

[Via PlayStation Blog]