It looks like Godzilla’s impressive marketing campaign is paying off. According to The Hollywood Reporter, early box office tracking predicts that the $160 million reboot is on pace to gross more than $60 million during its opening weekend. There is even a possibility that the film could cross the $70 million mark when all is said and done for the weekend.

If Godzilla is as successful as predicted, it could potentially lead to numerous sequels later on down the road. This is something that the 1998 version didn’t have enough strength to do after it took a thrashing from critics. The site is also reporting that many experts expect the movie to do very well overseas, which would make sense given the property’s Japanese origin.

Legendary Pictures put up 75 percent of the movie’s $160 million budget, with Warner Bros. taking care of the rest. We’ll see how much of that money Godzilla can earn back when it hits theaters on May 16.

[via THR]