The word “environmentalist” often conjures images of Birkenstock-clad, serene-faced hopefuls who are chained to trees and doomed for a commercial strip mall fate. This, of course, is thanks to the popularized, stereotypical portrayal of a movement once steeped in the underground politicism of the past and born during a time where folks just didn’t think global warming—or climate change as we call it today—was real.

It wasn’t dope to get down and dirty with nature like it is today. At the forefront of that culture shift are young entrepreneurs. They’re using those loud mouths and supposedly all-too-entitled attitudes to promote the greater good of the earth. From the hills of Cali to the halls of Congress, they’re lobbying in support of stauncher environmental laws and programs. Most importantly, however, is their willingness to use their entrepreneurial smarts to create social programs, lifestyle groups, and even liquor companies that promote a greener lifestyle.

These grassroots efforts get off the ground quicker and have a deeper impact because of their passion and investment in making change happen. Take a trip to Washington, D.C., a.k.a Chocolate City, where nature’s bold bucolic arrive on the scene every spring in the form of those wispy, pink Cherry Blossoms. Here, they’re making healthy living and sustainability an everyday thing. Perhaps promoting their cause in one of the most powerful cities in the world will help them take their movement national. After all, POTUS is here.

Check out these entrepreneurs who are turning Chocolate City green.

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