It seems that the first thing Americans do when they finally get money is look for unnecessary ways to waste it. Even though we're deep in debt thanks to student loans, rising rents, and all the alcohol we drink to cope with those two things, we won’t hesitate to whip out our plastic to buy things we don’t need at prices we can’t afford. Not only do we buy laptops with computing power to run a space station just for spreadsheets and SUVs for suburban driving, but we also purchase shit we have no use for whatsoever. As a people, we can’t resist buying shiny things with which to adorn our bodies and doling out tons of cash just so we can belong to a club filled with other people who had enough money to join. We’re all chasing that paper; here are some things not to buy once you obtain said paper. These are 15 Items That Are Just Status Symbols. 

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