Hate him or love him, Wes Anderson makes unique movies filled with quotables. At least two lines of dialogue will wriggle into and etch itself onto your brain by the time you exit the theater. For example, you're hopefully familiar with Sam Shakusky's instantly infamous zinger, "I love you, but you have no idea what you're talking about," from 2012's Moonrise Kingdom. Even if you didn't catch that Anderson flick, you've most likely run into that line on the Internet.

Anderson has been arming his characters with verbal scud missiles for well over 15 years now, but why keep them restricted to cinephiles? Let's start making the writer-director's snappy dialogue work for us in the real world. How so? By cutting to the quick of discussions and conflicts we have all the time. In honor of his latest film, The Grand Budapest Hotel, here are some Wes Anderson movie quotes to use to win any argument.

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