Lindsay Lohan hasn't always been the easiest actress to work with. Reports have circulated for years about her bad behavior on set (not to mention off). However, it seems as though maybe, just maybe, LiLo is getting her shit together. The Canyons wasn't the worst thing she's ever done, she appears to be clean and sober, and her OWN reality show is actually pretty good.

But that didn't stop anonymous "sources" and audience members from claiming Lohan failed miserably at her 2 Broke Girls guest starring gig. Reports claimed that the shoot took forever because Lohan didn't know any of her lines and had to do tons of takes. Not very scandalous, and nothing we haven't heard before.

Still, series stars Kat Dennings and Beth Behrs took to Twitter yesterday and vehemently denied the report. Dennings is known for her no-bullshit attitude, so we're inclined to believe her. 

Lohan's episode airs April 14 on CBS, so we'll find out then.

[via EW