It's a good day: This morning, Netflix released three images from season two of Orange Is the New Black, and boy, do they look intense. First up: We've got Piper, who seems to have blood on her hands thanks to the (SPOILER ALERT) events of the season one finale. This likely means that season two will pick up where the first season left off, which is great news. Secondly: A look at Lorraine Toussaint's character Vee Parker, a former drug dealer who used to use kids at drug runners. Yikes. And, finally, thirdly: This is how the inmates have chosen to dress for their mock job fair in the prison. Alright.

According to Hit Fix, Netflix says the upcoming season of Orange Is the New Black "gives us a closer look at our favorite, darkly funny prisoners; their shifting alliances within Litchfield and conflicts we never saw coming."  

Check them out:

Season two of Orange Is the new Black will be available for on Netflix for your binge-viewing pleasure on on June 6.

[via Hit Fix]