Miley CyrusAlec Baldwin, and more celebrities have been vocal about banning central park horse carriages, but now the embattled profession has its own spokesperson: Liam Neeson. The New York Times reports that the star is taken with the industry, speaking out against Mayor Bill de Blasio's opposition to carriage horses at a recent rally. 

Central Park carriages have long been under suspicion from animal rights activists who have been complaining non-stop about the conditions in which horses are kept. However, drivers maintain that horse carriages are a vital part of the city's heritage, with gangs of new york tourists taking rides each year. The New York transplant says he has long had a bond with the carriage horses, a love actually related to the Irish roots he shares with many of the drivers. (His children even had a nanny who's husband was a driver.) The grey-haired actor hopes to sway public opinion before the dark knight rises on the profession. 

[via The New York Times]

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