Hideo Kojima may be almost entirely synonymous with Metal Gear, but just after he originally embarked down a now 25-years-and-running journey with Snake and the gang, he put his own spin on the cyberpunk aesthetic with Snatcher, which can arguably be considered a third arm in a genre trifecta that also includes Neuromancer and Blade Runner. In an interview this week with Geoff Keighley over Twitch, Kojima took some time to answer fans' most burning queries.

Among them he addressed whether or not he would ever consider returning to make another game in the Snatcher universe. The director's answer that he's too busy for the moment with MGSV is not unexpected, but Kojima also stated that if anyone else wanted to pick up the reins for a revival, he would be interested in seeing it.

"If someone wants to adapt those games...I would definitely support that person, I would help out that person," Kojima said via translator. "But I don't think there are too many people like that."

Over the years since its first release in 1988 (and its eventual localization for the Sega CD), Snatcher has garnered quite a following among hardcore fans – there is even a fan remake of sorts of the game currently in development for the Dreamcast. Suda51 also released a prequel radio drama on Kojima's podcast titled SDatcher in 2011 (check out the translated version here – it's fantastic), so it seems apparent that demand and interest in Kojima's other universe (apart from ZOE) is apparent.

In other words, developers, someone get on this.

{Via Joystiq}