The past few years has seen Hollywood depend on classic franchises for the big money more than ever. With new Transformers, Ninja Turtles, Star Wars, Jurassic Park, and Independence Day films in development, it’s obvious that a $200+ million budget has to come with a level of familiarity for a studio. So that’s why this latest rumor from Latino Review really comes as no surprise.

According to the site, Warner Bros. is supposedly interested in putting together another Matrix trilogy. Not only that, but the site is also claiming that the Wachowski siblings have already begun to write an early treatment for the movies. It is said that this trilogy will deal with the beginnings of the Matrix world, ignoring the previous animated films that focused on a similar plot.

If this trilogy ever does materialize, it’s almost certain that the Wachowski siblings will have earned a dump truck full of money each to work on the project. Maybe this is why the studio keeps giving them such big budgets for their movies, even after Speed Racer and Cloud Atlas were D.O.A. at the box office. Now it's time to return the favor, it seems. 

[via Latino Review]