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According to the The Commercial Times, Apple’s next generation phone is almost ready to go into production in the next few months in Taiwan. This might be soon enough to get the phone primed for another September debut.

While we don’t have much to go off in terms of details and specs of the iPhone 6 (iPhone 5Z? 5Y?), what we do have are endless rumors. So far, speculation is that the next round of iPhones will have larger screens, to put them more in line with competition from Android phones. There may also be two different models coming out, each with a different screen size, but both larger than the iPhone 5S. In recent leaks of iOS 8.0, Apple seems to be putting some extra attention on health, so there could be some tweaks to the device that will allow it to get more information on heart rate and other data, much like Samsung’s upgrades to the Galaxy S5.

Until the release, enjoy this iPhone concept video above.

[via TechRadar]