Busta Rhymes has had one hell of a career. After over two decades in the game, the hip-hop-related accolades are obvious, but he also has an island named after him. 

According to Slate, reporter Sean Cole was trying to get in touch with Busta Rhymes for a radio segment a few years back, so he Googled "Busta Rhymes" and "Boston" to search for any upcoming shows in the area. Though he didn't find any, he did find Busta Rhymes Island in Shrewsbury, Mass., which—per the Boston Globe—is real. 

Google Maps listed a phone number, which directed Cole to Kevin O’Brien. O'Brien explained that he started venturing out to the island by canoe when he and his wife moved to Shrewsbury:

The island, a 40-by-40 speck of land, is practically in their front yard. Kevin planted blueberry bushes on the island, and there’s a rope swing hanging from one of the trees. He doesn’t just visit the island a bunch, he takes care of the island—he cleans up after the teenagers who leave beer cans lying around. He drinks beer himself on the island, with his wife and their friends.

After deciding the island needed a name that stood out, he and a friend decided on "Busta Rhymes Island," which it's geotagged as on Google Maps. Seeking official recognition of Busta Rhymes Island, O'Brien turned in a proposal to the U.S. Board on Geographic Names, but was rejected because Busta is still alive. A person has to be dead for at least five years for a body of land to be named in their honor.

Even without the official recognition, Busta Rhymes Island still exists. Perhaps Busta can have some space named after him on the island he grew up on somewhere down the line. Here's the question that matters, though: Is Busta aware that he has an island named after him?

[via Slate]