A bus carrying over 100 Brooklyn high school students was stranded on a Florida highway for eight hours after the bus broke down yesterday morning. 

According to ABC New York, students from Fort Hamilton High School were stuck along I-4 east near SR 535 in Orlando for hours yesterday after a bus broke down. Coach USA sent another bus, but it took eight hours for it to arrive. During the wait, students were forced to deal with uncomfortable conditions. 

"As soon as it broke down, everything went off," one student told ABC New York. "The AC went off, the bus broke down, the outlets went out, so you couldn't charge your phone to tell anybody anything. It was just terrible."

The students were on a trip to Disney World for Festival Disney, an outing for school choirs, orchestras and bands. Three buses carrying teens were on their way back to Broolyn when one broke down. The other two waited on the side of the road for the replacement to arrive. "It's frustrating, because we've been here all night without sleep wondering when the bus is coming," assistant principal Tom Oberle confessed. 

ABC New York reports that the students finally made it home around 7 a.m. this morning.

[via ABC New York]