Internetz look no further, we've found our next star. The YouTube gawds have once again blessed our baby hearts with a talent so prodigious we had no choice but to share this hella dope discovery with y'all. Meet Correll Bufford II a.k.a Buff Correll, a 33-year-old "inspiring singer, dancer, and fitness model." (Yes, really). Dude's got crazy moves, has posted over 450 videos online (Lil B what's up!), and is known for whipping out that oh-so-infamous Get It Glove from time to time (when he's not giving speeches on the history of chains in hip-hop, that is). You're probably thinking, "Damn, Correll is mad skilled, super swole, and has almost 10,000 YouTube subrscribers—I could learn a thing or two from him." And you would be right, Buff Correll is the kind of artist that comes around only once in a generation: he's done cover songs of just about every musician you can think of—Justin Timberlake, Michael Jackson, Drake, Miguel, Usher, One Direction, Jon B, TLC, Chaka Khan, Chris Brown, Katy Perry, Justin Bieber, TGT, and even Stevie Wonder. Dude is basically one viral hit from fame and/or becoming the greatest meme of all time. Peep his catalog below, and remember who put you on game first. Word to Ice JJ Fish

Correll originally started posting fitness videos to YouTube under the alias, Correll11, in 2008, but soon stopped. In 2011, Correll re-emerged like a Phoenix from the ashes as Buff Correll with this video. 

By his own admission, Buff Correll was born because, "I started seeing abs and I went and fell in love with myself. I gained so much confidence from how my body looked." And thus, the legend lived. 

In the early days, Buff Correll sang mostly old-school R&B hits by Ginuwine, Jon B, Bobby Brown, and similar acts. You'll notice that all of Correll's videos are filmed in his room, and shirtless pictures of himself decorate the walls. Hey, if you don't love yourself, nobody will.

Here, Correll took it way back to 1986 with this Anita Baker jam, "Same Old Love." Gotta pay homage to the greats, right?

Speaking of great singers, this is Correll singing "Billie Jean" .... by Michael Jackson ....  in the mirror. We have to admit, dude's pop locking skills are pretty legit. MJ is definitely smiling down from heaven.

His cover of Whitney Houston's "I Will Always Love You" is definitely one to, uh ... remember.

About a year ago, Correll debuted the Get It Glove (is that trademarked?), his signature white glove that gives him the power of "getting it" to the fullest while performing. Here, he wears it during his cover of "Adorn" by Miguel. The Internet hasn't been the same since. 

A master of all genres, Correll covers Drake's smash hit, "Hold On, We're Going Home."

Taking on Lorde's Grammy-winning track, "Royals," Correll proved he is a true master of song. And yes, he fluffed his hair at the 6-second mark. 

Here's a question: What's more impressive in this video—the pimp hat or the killer choreography?

To quote Buff Correll, "Drink milk, water, eat a lot of fruit, eat a lot of grapes, and lift weights." Oh, and sing Chaka Khan.  

Yes, Correll, the hair is "fantastico!"

Finger snappin' so next level tho. Pharrell, holler at ya boy already.

This was only a brief introduction to Correll's massive catalog. To view the Buff Dog's 400 other videos, visit his YouTube page. See you at the top, Correll! #WeKindaMadeIt

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