Bob’s Burgers is seriously one of the best things happening on TV right now, and one of trademarks of the show has been the offbeat musical stylings of the Belcher family. From Gene’s farting keyboard to Linda’s off-key crooning, the show is always pumping out music that sticks in your head, no matter how hard you try to get it out.

That’s why it should come as no surprise that series creator Loren Bouchard confirmed that the show is getting its own soundtrack in the near future. The news was confirmed during a conference call that was reported by Zap2it. The soundtrack will be available exclusively through iTunes, so don't expect a physical CD release of it.

Bouchard also previewed a song for an upcoming episode on the call that revolved around farts. No doubt Gene has something to do with this. We’ll have more information on the Bob’s Burgers soundtrack when a release date is confirmed.

[via Zap2it]