Opening in theaters tomorrow: Arnold Schwarzenegger vs. the Mexican drug cartel. The movie's called Sabotage, but you could title any of Schwarzenegger's flicks "Arnold vs. [Insert Foe Here]." Homie has caught mad bodies over his 45-year film career.

So, who's left? As you'll see in the below illustration, plenty of potential enemies. It's Arnold vs., clockwise from the top from the top:

1. The Amish

2. Drones

3. Michael Dudikoff

4. Angry Birds

5. Fredo Santana

6. The Koch Brothers

7. Hypebeasts

8. Internet Trolls

9. Zombies

and, of course...

10. The Miami Heat

Who wins? Our money's on The Governator.

This feature appears in Complex's April/May 2014 issue.

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