Police say a man stabbed his father to death with scissors and left his mother seriously injured on the Upper West Side early this morning. 

The New York Post reports that a neighbor said she heard a woman screaming "'Stop, you’re going to kill him! Oh my God, no!" at the aggressor around 6 a.m. Emergency responders found 71-year-old Darlington Powe dead inside of the apartment with stab wounds to his face and chest, while his wife, 56-year-old Alicia Powe, was rushed to St. Luke's Hospital in stable condition with a wound to her chest. 

Authorities arrested 27-year-old Anthony Powewho was wearing nothing but his underwearshortly afterwards. A maintenance man told the Post that Anthony Powe was prone to strange behavior: "[He] is crazy. Always walking around with capri pants, you know, short pants, making weird faces," Pablo Maria.

The Post added that charges against Powe are pending.

[via New York Post]