Video game addiction is apparently a real thing.

Sure, people have always assumed that if you isolated yourself in a dark room for hours and days on end, there would eventually be some deleterious side effects. Medical doctors probably spent the better part of the day high-fiving each other when video game addiction was finally, officially classified as a mental disorder.

And, when you think about it, there's a certain appeal to checking out from reality entirely to live out a virtual existence. Real life is rough. Debt, bills, relationships, betrayal, your job, your house - the whole thing can be a bummer if you look at it through the right set of glasses.

Squint just right and you can see that video games can be better than real life.

Depressing? You bet, but we blame this hundred year winter.

Addiction is also something that Nino Brown knows about better than most. And who better than the cast of New Jack City to illustrate 7 Depressing Ways Video Games Are Better Than Real Life.

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