The worst ideas are conceived after copious amounts of liquor are consumed. 

Early Monday morning, a drunk teenager strolled into a 7-Eleven attached to a gas station in Ipswitch, Australia with a chainsaw in hand and a flower pot on his head. After threatening clerks with the chainsaw, Leatherface-style, Steven Frank Steele proceeded to smash a window, knock snack displays over and demand money. 

When the clerks refused to hand the cash over, he allegedly mooned them out of spite and left after stealing a soda. A police officer easily identified Steele because he still had the flower pot on his head, post-crime. Soon after, the chainsaw was discovered in a bush near the store. 

Steele was arrested and charged with armed robbery, public nuisance, willful damage, possessing stolen property and going armed to cause fear. 

[via Gawker and Ipswich Queensland Times]