The Electronic Arts recently acquired studio Ghost Games, based out of the UK, has fell on some hard times which has caused the developer to delay its new Need For Speed title and refocus on a yet-unannounced police-themed Battlefield game.

Electronic Arts has required the studio to refocus on the next Battlefield title, code-named Havana say sources close to the developer, which is reportedly set to release later this year.

However the Need for Speed franchise has been shuffled around more than a red-headed stepchild and now appears to be in infinite delay. This just weeks after the other developers holding down the Need for Speed name, Criterion, appeared to jump ship on the franchise when its two founders and creators of the Burnout series left the EA studio.

What does this mean for the Need for Speed series? Don't look for any big titles dropping anytime soon as Electronic Arts refocuses to making the next – and hopefully the current – Battlefield titles work.

Battlefield 4 is still trying to get the kinks worked out of its online play after gamer backlash at the buggy game and company stocks took a hit.

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[Via Polygon]

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