With its strict media policies, the happenings inside the Supreme Court of the United States are a cloistered, often mysterious process to the vast majority of Americans. Even so, a new video has surfaced on YouTube that provides a rare (possibly first-ever) glance at the proceedings.

Over the clip showing yesterday's hearings, a banner explains, “This is the oral arguments for the case McCutcheon v FEC, which has been called ‘Citizens United, Part 2.’” It's a case that many have been watching closely—If SCOTUS strikes down contribution limits, it would allow coprorations to make huge expenditures in federal elections. 

The video goes on to show an interruption of the oral arguments by a protester, since identified as Noah Newkirk of California. The video is shaky—almost certainly filmed on a cell phone—but you still get a sense of the commotion in the room. 

[via The Wire and CNN]

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