A thousand books and $50,000.

That's what it will take to print out all of the English Wikipedia. An insane task that PediaPress, a company that prints out on demand articles of Wikipedia in neat books, is trying to accomplish. Through an Indiegogo campaign, PediaPress is trying to raise the $50,000 in 51 days as of today, and so far, they've been able to raise $2,000. The company wants to present the printed edition of Wikipedia at the WIkiMania Conference in London this year. The idea for it came up when a German user inquired about printing out the entire network, but both sides backed out after finding out the logistics. “After doing some back of the envelope calculations and exchanging emails, we mutually agreed to drop his plan,” PediaPress CEO Eingestellt von Heiko says. “But the idea was born and stuck with us.”

Check out their campaign page here

[via TechCrunch]