Following reports that they were considering using Google Glass, the NYPD has now confirmed interest and assessment of the device. 

According to Gothamist, NYPD Deputy Commissioner Stephen Davis issued a statement late yesterday confirming that this was true:

In December of 2013 the Department obtained two pairs of Google Glass and has been evaluating these devices in an attempt to determine any possible useful applications. As part of an on-going interest in the advancements in the field of technology, the NYPD regularly conducts reviews of various equipment, devices, programs and other consumer products for their potential application or utility in the area of policing. The devices have not been deployed in any actual field or patrol operations, but rather are being assessed as to how they may be appropriately utilized or incorporated into any existing technology-based functions.

No word on how long this trial period will last or if the NYPD will eventually use the devices, but Judge Shira A. Schiendlin did suggest that the department employ body-mounted cameras to observe officers' encounters with citizens. Perhaps they're taking her words seriously, and perhaps not.

[via Gothamist]