The Power Rangers series has always based their multi-transforming, robots around a central theme. 

Animals, ninjas, cars, and now, trains, always combine to form some variation on the all-powerful Megazord. The newest Power Rangers series in Japan is all locomotives all the time and like any Power Rangers series there's the obligatory action figure tie-in.

This action figure also has a giant train shaped erection.

These new figures are called Ressha Sentai Tokkyuujaa, which roughly translates to “Furious Train Squadron Limited Express Rangers” because Japanese.

<span></span>Here's what the Megazord looks like fully assembled.

And here's what the Megazord looks like when in a state of full locomotive tumescence:

The instructions for the figure are very specific about that middle red train being fully lifted to full mast. Don't believe us? Here are what the instructions look like:

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[via Kotaku]