Microsoft is debating on releasing a free or low-cost version of Windows 8.1 for Windows 7 users. So if you're on the fence about upgrading pretty soon, it might be in your interest to wait a little longer.

Dubbed as an experimental project, 8.1 is being built with Bing. Microsoft's plan is to get 8.1 in as many computers as possible, driven by their hopes they'll be able to monetize their Bing search engine and cloud apps. In that breath, the company is also thinking about releasing free or low-cost versions of Windows Phone as well. Microsoft is expected to reveal more about their update during their Build conference in April, and the latest is that Windows 8.1 will drop the day Microsoft ends support for Windows XP—April 8.

Apple recently made their Mavericks update for OS X free for its users, which may have contributed to Microsoft's decision to rethink their Windows structure.

[via The Verge]