A Wisconsin man had his Internet privileges revoked after orchestrating a series of pranks on his neighbor.

Perhaps the most egregious offense took place in November 2012, when Jason Willis posted a fake Craigslist personals ad for his neighbor using her name, email address and pictures. Soon after, the woman said a plethora of men—of whom only wore a trench coat—showed up at the door of her Waterford, Wisc. home. 

The woman wasn't amused, nor was a judge. After pleading guilty, Willis, 31, was sentenced to 30 months probation. One of the stipulations of his probation is that he shut his Internet service down during the 30-day period.

Judge Allen Torhost justified his decision by comparing Willis' case to that of someone convicted for a DUI. "If you want to drive drunk, you're not allowed to drive," he explained. "To me, a public availability of the internet—to use it the way he did—is unconscionable."

The law laughs last.

[via Gawker]