The worlds of Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII and Tomb Raider are uniting for the first time February 11, to bring Lara Croft's gear into the latest Final Fantasy game.

Gamers get Croft's ice-axe and signature dirty halter top in a new DLC available later this week when the full game launches in the PlayStation and Xbox Games store.

Also included in this Worlds Unite DLC is Lara's boots, shorts, vest and a riot shield. Unfortunately left out is her soft accented breathing and deer skinning. Check out the trailer above for how Lightning puts all the goodies to good use.

The next-gen Tomb Raider: Definitive edition just dropped just last week with newly remade models to bring Lara into the next-generation of gaming. Check out a comparison between the old and new versions here.

Lighting Returns: Final Fantasy XIII launches on February 11, with the new Tomb Raider DLC included. For more info check out the Lighting Returns homepage.

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