The death of a British woman who passed away after falling asleep while smoking a joint in her room has once again sparked conversation about the "dangers" of marijuana. 

Though examiners found nothing wrong 31-year-old Gemma Moss's vital organs, they noted "moderate to heavy" levels of marijuana in her system. A coroner claimed that marijuana could've resulted in a heart attack which led to her death. 

According to her mother, Kim Furness, Moss used to smoke marijuana daily before quitting. She reportedly resumed the habit recently, and anti-drug groups are using her passing as the opportunity to speak about the alleged dangers of marijuana.

"People think because cannabis is a plant it won’t be dangerous, but it gives people a false sense of security," Lucy Dawe of Cannabis Skunk Sense said. 

However, this reveals nothing about the perils of marijuana. While tragic, this isolated incident where a woman died after smoking half a joint doesn't say much about how hazardous the drug is.

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