It’s a new year and that means new things to be offended by. Even though 2014 isn’t even yet a month and a half old, Twitter users have found all sorts of things to take offense to. Yes, tweeters have looked at pop culture, sports, and even science and found all manner of things to be self-righteous about. Why is Twitter a hot bed of righteous indignation? Astrophysicist Davd Brin had this to say on the topic:

“There’s substantial evidence that self-righteous indignation is one of these drug highs. We’ve all been in indignant snits, self-righteous furies. You go into the bathroom during one of these snits, and you look in the mirror and you have to admit, this feels great! ‘I am so much smarter and better than my enemies! And they are so wrong, and I am so right!’”

Sounds about right to us. It’s time to feel superior to people who like to feel superior to people on the Internet with The 20 Dumbest Things Twitter Has Been Offended By in 2014 So Far.