Officials say a woman who took a cab ride from New York to Massachusetts was arrested after she was unable to pay the fare.

According to the New York PostDenise Rebelato, 31, hailed a cab at JFK International Airport after returning from Brazil on Wednesday. Driver Adnan Chaudhury said told her that the four-hour ride from New York to Framingham, Mass. would cost her $980, a price she reportedly agreed to. 

When they finally arrived at her home, she told him she didn't have any money. A furious Chaudhury asked her to go to an ATM, but she claimed her account was empty. She ultimately tried to use two credit cards, both of which were declined. 

Chaudhury called the Framingham Police, who promptly arrested Rebelato. She allegedly threatened to call President Obama on the police, then claimed that both her son and parents were in the hospital. When asked why she didn't find a cheaper way from the airport to her home (the bus?), she claimed she "had a lot of problems." Obviously. 

Police charged Rebelato with larceny over $250. If she doesn't pay the $980 by Apr. 7, a warrant will be issued for her arrest. This was so avoidable.

[via New York Post]