A graphic design student from Chicago, Illinois, set out to answer the age old question: just how delicious is a Chipotle burrito? Noboru Bitoy began his quest like any other intelligent and creative person would do—He turned to Kickstarter to raise $8 to purchase a burrito. His plan to examine the taste of the burrito and graph his results caught on so quickly that he ended up raising a lot more than he expected.

Currently, Bitoy has 171 backers that pledged a total of $654 with 21 days to go in this campaign. Since he surpassed his modest goal of $8, he’s upped the stakes burrito goals. After cconsuming four chicken burritos once he hit $50 in pledges, and then 24 chicken burritos when he hit $75, Bitoy’s new goal is to figure out how delicious a Chipotle chicken burrito is while “plummeting from the heavens.”

He wanted to raise $500 dollars to rate how delicious a Chipotle burrito tastes while skydiving. He'll rate the tastiness based on a scale of "No" to "Wow."

Bitoy explains the risks and challenges of his newest goal: "Potential risks include: An order mixup- I might accidental receive a carnitas or steak filling instead of chicken! Testing hazard- I might drop the burrito on the floor, failing to successfully consume it. Or... The results come back inconclusive. If any of these potential risks occur, I will take full financial responsibility in personally funding the next chicken burrito."

One curious scholar went from raising money to study a simple burrito to having his life and safety jeopardized by the pursuit of burrito tasting. All people can do now is wait for the results.

[via Slate]