New Orleans is the perfect place to stuff your face any day of the year, but come Mardi Gras it's time to throw a few more things into the mix. Remember: Fat Tuesday is the day before Lent, which traditionally means it's time to give up some of your favorite naughty foods, drinks, or habits. So scarf down every po' boy, muffuletta and beignet that comes your way—just make sure to save room for King Cake. It doesn't matter whether you buy one of these sweetened, frosted yeast breads at a grocery store or a fancy bakery, this cake is an integral part of any Mardi Gras celebration. A token or coin is hidden in every cake, and once it's cut and shared, the finder is said to have good luck for the next year. Another traditional Mardi Gras treat? Popeyes! Pick up a family-sized meal and bring it to the neutral ground to munch on during parade time. And don't forget the Zapp's chips!