Love & Air Sex, director Bryan Poyser’s raucous new rom-com that’s set against the backdrop of Austin’s Air Sex World Championships, is making its theatrical premiere tonight at The Cinema Village in New York City and the timing couldn’t be better, as the Air Sex Winter Classic also happens to be in town (kicking off at 11:30 p.m. at Drom—and yes, tickets are still available).

What is Air Sex? Well, picture an Air Guitar session, but one in which an imaginary sexual partner is the instrument in question. Yes, it’s the sort of thing that is best described in pictures or in person. And while there is a loose set of rules—you can’t get naked and all orgasms must be simulated—any and all other imaginary carnal flourishes are fair game.

As Love & Air Sex kicks off its road trip, we've looked to some of the film’s stars—and actual Air Sex competitors—to share their tips on How to Make Sweet, Sweet Air Sex.

Respect the air.

“Respect the air,” advises Love & Air Sex star Sara Paxton. “Buy the air a nice steak dinner before you ravage it.”

A little titillation can go a long way.

Don’t be afraid to put your tongue into it.

You either.

Size only matters when you brag about it first.

Random humping won't get you into the winner's circle.

“Random humping won't get you into the winner's circle,” notes Love & Sex director Bryan Poyser. “Tell a story. Begin by setting a scenario, creating a character, setting a mood, then get down to the dirty business. As in real sex, foreplay is key.”

You don’t need a body of water to put some motion in the ocean.

There’s no rule that limits your number of partners.

Flexibility is always a welcome addition to one’s repertoire.

Don’t worry about your O-face—just do what comes naturally.


Props only add to the excitement.


Some props more than others.