Boozy alternative: "You're Not Sorry!!"
Ideal booze: 
Red Wine
Best played with: 
People you haven't wronged in real life 

Apologies in Sorry should work like they do in real life: they only work if the person you're apologizing to accepts. If a player tries to bump you back to Start, uttering the obligatory "Sorry," you can respond with a weepy, melodramatic, "You're not sorry!!" and bump them back to Start, keeping your space. Just like in life, there is a price to pay for this sort of behavior. You either have to take a shot or drink a beer after refusing an apology. Next time you do it, it will cost you two drinks and so on.


  • A shot or a beer and yell "You're not sorry!" to refuse a player's "Sorry." Each time you do this, you have to add an additional drink to your total. So, the second time you do it, you'll drink two drinks, the third time, you'll have to drink three, and so on until the game ends...or you pass out.