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What does a video game editor look like when they open their inbox to find a spankin' new Titanfall alpha invite? It's somewhere between a “happy” dance and spastic seizure accompanied by squeals of delight and “jazz-hands!” Yes, you too can feel this kind of joy as Electronic Arts (EA) is slinging our Titanfall alphas like crazy.

Many origin users, EA's multiplayer online portal, have already received invitations to participate in the alpha test. If you haven't got yours yet head over here and “Standby for Titanfall.” Why no date has been announced for alpha or beta tests it's never too early to sign up.

Titanfall is the multiplayer only first-person shooter from developer Respawn, who's founders revolutionized the genre with the creation of the original Call of Duty series. The game pits rocket-pack powered soldiers who can run on walls alongside their Titans, heavily armored mechs that can be driven or used as squad mates. Feast your eyes on the gameplay trailer below.

Titanfall is set to release for the masses on March 11, and even has a limited edition Xbox One controller.

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