The recent announcement that Titanfall will support a 6 vs. 6 multiplayer was met with criticism as some gamers think that a 6 on 6 match seems awfully small when compared to other FPS on the market.

That, it seems, is entirely the point. Today Vince Zampella, one of Titanfall's co-creators, took to Twitter to explain why Respawn Entertainment capped multiplayer matches. Zampella explained that the 6 on 6 cap wasn't a product of technological limitations, rather this matchmaking provided the best balance within multiplayer bouts.

Of course, some gamers took to Twitter to express their dismay with this decision. Another designer from Respawn stepped in to put the squash on the issue.

"Lots of armchair game designing going on in here. I’d suggest playing before judging a something as insignificant as a number in a vacuum."

“Vince is right – we tried a huge amount of player-counts (all the way down to 1v1 and up quite high) and designed the maps, gameplay mechanics, and entire experience around which played best. If anyone wants to chase the numbers game, perhaps we’re not the experience they’re after? I dunno.

“And FYI, for amount of stuff happening at once in a map you’ll be hard pressed to find a game that keeps the action higher. I literally have to stop playing every few rounds because my heart just can’t take it some times. Remember, you can get out of your Titan and let it roam on AI mode – meaning there can be 12 Pilots wallrunning around, 12 Titans stomping below, and dozens of AI doing their thing.”

Titanfall is poised to be one of the biggest games of 2014 and is looking to dethrone the conventional shooters that have dominated the landscape for so long. If the decisions to cap matches at 6 on 6 (which is really 12 on 12 when you factor in the Titans) then it was done so deliberately and with purpose.

Those concerned should wait until March and see how Titanfall actually handles before flying off the handle via Twitter.

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