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How realistic are the apartments on Girls? Some might argue that they're as realistic as the often-maligned show, but Lena Dunham deserves credit for helping to craft legit New York City apartments for her characters. She is a native New Yorker, after all. 

According to Gothamist, Dunham said that her production team took the task of creating authentic NYC apartments very seriously:

When we were building the apartment, for example, we were like, no, this is going to look like a small apartment. This is not going to be a dream apartment. This is going to be a walk up in a building in Greenpoint. We looked at models and we were really committed to making those places feel real.

Furthermore, the apartmentsas well as their locationsfit the characters. Hannah and Adam now live in Greenpoint; Ray moved into Adam's Prospect Heights apartment, while Shoshanna (and occasionally Jessa) live in NoLita. Marnie just moved into a new crib, which her mom helped her rid of the odor. 

Laura Ballinger shared her drawings of the apartment layouts for the show's first season, which Architizer analyzed and compared to scenes from the show. Check them out and get more amped for the remainder of season three, or frustrated that people won't shut up about a show depicting whiny millennials.

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