This is, quite possibly, the best news you'll hear today. If not the best, then at least top five. According to Uproxx, NBC chairman Robert Greenblatt revealed at the TCAs that Parks and Recreation, which has long struggled in the ratings but consistently received amazing reviews—as well as a Golden Globe—is likely to be renewed for a seventh season. 

As Deadline reported

NBC Chairman made the announcement when pressed by critics at TCA about the future of well reviewed by ratings-challenged Parks & Recreation. He initially said he was "bullish" on the show’s chances before going a step further, stating that "Parks & Recreation is going to have a seventh season."

OK, so it's not an official renewal, but it's basically just as good as one. Greenblatt is the chairman of the network, and if he has no plans to cancel the series, it's likely not going to get canceled. Celebratory waffles and Snake Juice for everyone!

The news may not be so good for Community, Sean Saves the World, or The Michael J. Fox Show: According to NBC entertainment president Jennifer Salke at the same panel, Parks and Rec's likely pick-up doesn't mean the same for Community, which the network execs "also like but will evaluate their comedy plans for next season before making a decision."

As for The Michael J. Fox Show and Sean Saves the World, while network execs revealed they're "creatively" happy with the shows, they're not proud of the low ratings: "We think they're good shows, and we're really unhappy that we can't find an audience for we're going to still work hard to see what we can do on Thursday nights. It is a real, real uphill battle."

[via Uproxx]