So far, Paramount’s marketing campaign for Jack Ryan: Shadow Recruit has made the film look like nothing more than a pointless reboot lost in a sea of reheated Hollywood leftovers. Thankfully, Yahoo has now premiered the first full clip from the movie, which actually shows a bit more of what audiences can expect from the film. And the results are surprisingly solid.

The clip opens up with Ryan (Chris Pine) being shown to his hotel suite, only to be attacked by an unknown assailant. From there, it moves to a character-driven scene between Ryan and his superior, played by Kevin Costner. Sure the action looks like it was taken directly from the Bourne or Daniel Craig Bond movies, but at least director Kenneth Branagh is ripping off from the best.

Hopefully Shadow Recruit manages to distinguish itself from the pack when it hits theaters on January 17. If not, at least it will likely hold spy/espionage fans over until 007 returns to the screen.

[via Yahoo!]