Sometimes, hangovers are so bad that you can't do anything but lie about in a state of pain, praying that someone will either take care of you or put you out of your misery. As it turns out, New Yorkers can get medical treatment for their hangovers in the form of house calls. 

The I.V. Doctor is a new company that promises to bring a remedy in the form of a "miracle elixir" to hungover Manhattan and Brooklyn residents:

The house call takes about 45 minutes to complete. The solution that’s credited with providing quick relief from the after-effects of an alcoholic-induced daze is made of sodium chloride, potassium and an anti-nausea medication, the company said. Patients can also request add-ins like B12 to help boost energy and anti-inflammatory meds to help with pain. It’s all administered by tube, to the tune of “the equivalent of a gallon of water,” the company said.

This is totally legit—a licensed urologist is in charge. The house calls will cost you, though: $199 to $249. According to spokesman A.J. Klein, the results are almost immediate. "We’ve had patients tell us they feel better instantly," he said. Kelin added that most of the clients are "40-year-old guys, businessmen and bankers" who need to recover quickly (for work) after wild nights out.

Everyone could use this. Everyone.

[via Washington Times]