Halo developer 343 Industries has a new release in the pipe but you can't see it. Well, maybe just a peek. This dark concept art comes with new direction as well as Nicolas Bouvier takes charge of the Halo name after Kenneth Scott, the long time art director of the series, moves on.

Halo producer Josh Holmes hinted at some upcoming news from the Halo universe pertaining to a new Xbox One release.

"2014 is here and much is afoot in the Halo universe," he wrote. "This past year has been a time of great transition at 343 as we've moved our engine and team from Xbox 360 to Xbox One and begun building the next chapter in the Halo saga.”

"We're proud of what we accomplished with our first release in Halo 4 and now we're focused on something much more transformative as we make the leap to the next generation of Xbox. We showed a hint of what we have in store at E3 last year and we're excited to share more in the not-so-distant future. Please be patient - we can't wait to show you what we have in store."

It's been reported that the new Halo release will be episodic, much like the Steven Spielberg backed exclusive Halo live-action show to be released on Xbox. The concept art at the top hints to continuing the dive into darkness that the Halo series has taken. Check the Halo teaser trailer released at E3 last year.

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[Via OXM]